I Am Back

With the December month coming to a close, I am back and already planning for the next year’s hikes. There is a lot of change for me and the Barefoot Hikers as I adjust to a new work schedule, new house, and various other elements of Hawaii life. I hope to be able to plan and provide my hiking crew with all the necessary information I originally deemed as a prime reason for the Barefoot Hikers.

The Guide

A comprehensive hiking trail updated with the help of those hikers who have gone before, written to a more modern audience. Specifically detailed would be a new difficulty rating from that used abroad and on the mainland. Hiking in Hawaii is a unique experience and should always be treated as such. To tell someone a hike is “Easy” comes blanketed and often misguided. I have hiked with many who hadn’t the clue of how difficult just an easy hike could be.

Along with a Easy-Intermediate-Advanced rating system for the hikes, I will be providing reviews, photos, and group feedback to help build this overall Oahu and eventually Hawaii hiking guide. This system will also include the all-important answers to why each hike is rated 1-5. An easy hike with high altitude, rock climbing, heights, rain run-offs, hunters, etc could be labeled E-5; this hike could be more challenging for the acrophobic than an Intermediate with low altitude, IE I-1, I-2, but 4-5 hour distances at low gradients. I plan to compile and release my hiking system in the next few months, so be on the lookout as I test it on future hikes.

What’s New

Barefoot Hikers is still free, and shall continue to be free as long as I am able to get people to come out. Donations may be suggested for events, etc. I am leaving this one caveat open as I don’t see any instance requiring it, but do know this website and group costs to maintain.

I hope to see you all in the New Year and thank you all for making this hiking group more than I could ever have imagined. I have made some amazing friends who are now gone and elsewhere living their new adventures. I am excited for what this year has to offer and look forward to seeing you all on the trails.