Waimanalo Beach View of Lighthouse

The Waimanalo Beach View as the Sun Sets. Over the hill is the tip of the Makapu'u Lighthouse.

In early 2009, Chris and Jeremy became friends while working for the military on the island of Oahu. Both being avid hikers, the two decided to form a group of friends to explore the trails on Hawaii. Every weekend, Chris and Jeremy ventured out on some 30 separate hikes ranging from the tropical jungles of Maunawili Falls, the rugged ridgelines of Aiea Loop and Waimanalo Home Trails to the arid desert world of Sandy’s Beach and Makapu’u Lighthouse Hike. Now, for the first time in 2012, Jeremy and his wife, Crystal, are continuing the documenting and exploration of the island with the help of all who want to spend some time outside on the island.

This week, the Barefoot Hikers are taking on the paved Makapu’u Lighthouse Road Hike located on the Ka Iwi State Park Scenic Shoreline. Visible from the top on a clear day are the islands of Maui, Kuaui, and Molokai (source questionable). Whale season is still going on, so there are chances to see whales migrating, large boats crossing through the channel and dolphins from high above the water.

  • The drive is about 35minutes from the Navy Exchange in Pearl Harbor where the crew will be meeting at the Koa Pancake House at 0830.
  •  If you want to pass on greetings and breakfast, the Barefoot Hikers will be meeting on the Makapu’u Lighthouse Rd trailhead at around 1030am.
  • The closest restroom is at the Waimanalo Beach State Park some five minutes north up HI-72. The bathrooms are fairly unkempt, so be warned. The beach is also known for being local-oriented as marijuana arrests have occurred there.
  • The large portion of the group expressed intentions to go down the cliff into the Dragon’s Nostrils. This will be after the full road hike which will last about two hours or so. Dragon’s Nostrils, pictured below, is a geyser of water ejected from rushing water pushing from the Molokai Channel.
  • Please bring sunscreen if you are sensitive to the sun. Food, water, towel and bathing suit for the tide pools are also a good idea. Flip flops are NOT recommended.
Here is a video of the hike from the Island Perfections crew. This is a brief clip of the hike and lower sections. I have every intention to be filming with my GoPro 2 while on the trail so I can post our trip. 
Makapu’u Hike Trail

Makapu'u Lighthouse from Waimanalo Beach State Park